Current Programs

Improving Quality of Neonatal Care Services in Armenia 

Since 2015, the Armenian Association of Neonatal Medicine has been implementing the program on Improving Quality of Neonatal Care Services in Armenia with funding support from the US Agency for International Development. The program is implementing a number of components in cooperation with the Armenian EyeCare Project. The program is carried out in all the marzes (provinces) of Armenia and Yerevan, covering all hospitals providing neonatal care services. Up to date, the main achievements of the program have been:

• A comprehensive assessment of the sector
• Development of 51 clinical protocols and 96 neonatal state standards
• Training of about 800 neonatal care providers working in 63 hospitals
• Introduction of family-centered neonatal care (FCNC) model in 17 hospitals
• Provision of 24/7 consultation services to neonatologists through telemedicine
• Development of comprehensive professional test
• Development and Introduction of the model of the Continuum of Care from pregnancy to infancy in hospitals and polyclinics
• Distribution of neonatal care equipment to 36 Neonatal Intensive Care Units throughout the country