The values and principles of the Armenian Association of Neonatal Medicine include:

Excellence: Promotion of quality neonatal care and acquisition of experience and achievement of quality education.

Compassion: Ensuring first-rate care for all newborns irrespective of the disease in an encouraging environment conducive to development.

Responsiveness: Responding to emergency situations threatening health and life wherever the engagement is appropriate and necessary.

Family Centered Neonatal Care: Emphasizing the importance of the role of parents in decision-making relevant for their children’s health.

The AANM strategic goals are:

To improve continuous professional education: to promote the advancement of qualifications of neonatal doctors and nurses through various innovative methods, to ensure continuous education of all neonatologists and nurses in line with international standards, to create a simulation center and to engage young specialists.

To promote the development of neonatal science: to support the accessibility of scientific innovations and information, to advance experience sharing programs through internal and external networks.

To advance the services to have them match international standards: to introduce neonatal treatment algorithms in RA in line with international standards, to develop and adapt the international standards and experience to our regional situation, to introduce national standards throughout the entire republic, and to oversee their realization.

To promote infrastructure development: to support child birth assistance and neonatal treatment providing medical facilities in acquiring and using  medical equipment and supplies relevant for their level, to ensure the acquisition of knowledge by medical personnel and development of their skills to make use of relevant equipment, and to help creation of favorable conditions (housing conditions, etc.) for engaging medical personnel.