Year-End Wrap-Up Event


At the end of the year, members of the Armenian Association of Neonatal Medicine, its supporters and partners had an opportunity to summarize the past one year and to outline the main directions of the upcoming programs.


During the meeting, Hrant Kalenteryan, President of the Armenian Association of Neonatal Medicine, thanked his colleagues for professional work and devotion and expressed hope that their joint work will bring about satisfactory results also in the near future.


One of the most important indicators of the recent work has been the dramatic decline of the newborn mortality rate: in 2018, the newborn mortality rate reduced by 48% at Muratsan Hospital Complex as compared to the preceding three years. “This is the result of the work of all of us, this is the result of the program on Improving Quality of Neonatal Care Services in Armenia, this is the result of your devotion,” stated H. Kalenteryan


In 2018, the Armenian Association of Neonatal Medicine marked its 15 year anniversary. Today, the organization, which has been in operation for a decade and a half, brought together more than 100 neonatologists and neonatal nurses from all the marzes (provinces) of Armenia. Being one of the largest medical associations in Armenia, it continuously contributes to neonatology development in Armenia. Cooperating with different local and international organizations, the AANM has implemented and is presently implementing programs, thanks to which thousands of newborns recover from illnesses, specialists are trained, and a healthy generation is growing.

Year-End Wrap-Up Event