Results of Seed Grants Competition Announced


The results of seed grants competition announced within the framework of the program on Improving Quality of Neonatal Care Services in Armenia have been summarized. Five new programs aimed at continuous care will be implemented:


Armenian Association of Young Doctors – Improvement of Diagnostics and Management of Fetal Developmental Disorders and Pilot Program on Improvement of Team Work Skills in Newborn Resuscitation with the Use of the AECP “Simulation Center”


Family Medicine Academic Union – “Mothers’ Club” Educational Program for Future Mothers and Improvement of Pre-Conception Care in PHC


Armenian Pediatric Association – Introduction of Basics of Integrated Perinatal Palliative Care in Ob-Gyn, Neonatal and Pediatric Services of Yerevan 


Specialists from other professional medical associations will be engaged in the implementation of all of the above noted programs. The small grants program is being implemented with funding support from the US Agency for International Development by the program of the Armenian Association of Neonatal Medicine within the framework of the component on Continuous Care of the Armenian EyeCare Project, the goal of which is to support the pilot programs to test the approaches of the Continuous Care component and to find out whether they are realistic.

Results of Seed Grants Competition Announced